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Chinesische Heilkräuter, Epimedium, Hb.

Epimedium, Hb. – YIN YANG HUO – Elfenblumenkraut


Epimedium, Hb. – YIN YANG HUO – Elfenblumenkraut

Dosis: 5-20g/Tag

Epimedium ist ein Qi-Aufbauer der Niere mit dem Schwerpunkt des Aufbaus von Sexualhormonen.
Durch die so gewährleistete bessere Versorgung aller Organe ist es ein Mittel gegen vorzeitige Alterung. Die Verminderung von Entzündungsbereitschaft führt zu einer gesteigerten Fähigkeit Schleim in Gehirn und Gefäßen aufzulösen und zu entsorgen.

  1.     Entzündungen

In conclusion, our results showed that ICA, and more robustly, ICT, directly modulate MDSC signaling and therefore altered the phenotype and function of these cells, in vitro and in vivo

These results suggest that EB has antiinflammatory activity related to its inhibition of NO, cytokine, chemokine and growth factor production in macrophages

The flavone also inhibited p65-NF-kappaB translocation into the nucleus by I kappaB alpha degradation. Therefore, 2“-hydroxy-3“-en-anhydroicaritin may inhibit LPS-induced production of inflammatory cytokines by blocking NF-kappaB and MAPK signaling in RAW264.7 cells.

These results indicate that DMAI negatively regulates canonical NF-kappaB-regulated inflammatory gene expression by functioning as an inhibitor of the NF-kappaB pathway through the suppression of redox-based PI3K activation and PTEN inactivation and therefore can be considered as a potential drug for inflammatory diseases.

  1.    Osteoporose

Icariin inhibits bone loss on model rat through suppressing bone resorption. Genistein prevents bone loss on model rat by the pathway of inhibiting inflammatory reaction, activating angiogenesis, enhancing bone formation and inhibiting bone resorption. Moreover, pharmacological activity of genistein is more potential than icariin.

YYH-C can effectively control the bone mass loss of rats with ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis, prevent the changes in bone microstructure, and inhibit bone absorption, so as to resist high turn-over osteoporosis after ovariectomy. [Key words] total flavones of Epimedium leptorrhizum; ovariectomized rat; osteoporosis

  1.    Impotenz

Rats treated with low-dose ICA demonstrated significantly higher ICP/MAP and AUC/MAP ratios compared with control and single-dose ICA animals. Immunohistochemistry and Western blot were revealing of significantly greater positivity for nNOS and calponin in penile tissues of all rats treated with ICA. ICA led to significantly greater neurite length in cultured specimens of pelvic ganglia

It was established that oral administration of lipid-based suspension of dry extract of Epimedium koreanum in wheat germ oil improved erectile function of aged rats.


  1.    Alterung

ICA upregulated the expression of SIRT6 and had an inhibitory effect on NF-κB inflammatory signaling pathways as shown by decreasing mRNA levels of the NF-κB downstream target genes TNF-α, ICAM-1, IL-2, and IL-6. Those effects were mediated directly or indirectly by SIRT6. We provided evidence that inflammaging may involve a novel link between the effects of ICA on SIRT6 (a regulator of aging) and NF-κB (a regulator of inflammation).

All important age-related metabolites, such as unsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, nucleotides, carnosine, ergothioneine and amino acids, displayed age-related changes, and most of them were reset to a younger level after TFE administration. This study indicated that aging could be characterized by changes of lipid metabolisms and accumulation of free radicals. The anti-aging effects of TFE might due to the intervention on lipid metabolism and its property of anti-oxidation.

As compared with the blank group, the mean lifespan in the two EF group and the maximum lifespan in the high dose EF group were higher, and the age-dependent mortality in the high dose EF group was lower significantly (P<0.05 or P<0.01); as compared with the CR group, the mean lifespan and maximum lifespan in the high dose EF group were higher (P<0.01); but no significant difference of the subalgebra between the blank group and the high dose EF group was shown (P>0.05). Compared with the blank group, the mean lifespan in the high dose EF group was significantly prolonged under acute heat-stress at 35 degrees C (P<0.01).

The result suggests that TFE administration can markedly influence the ageing process and shows anti-ageing effects, which might due to the melioration of pyruyate metabolism and oxidative phosphorylation.

In senescence human fibroblasts 2BS cells, p16 gene mRNA expression increased, content of phosphorated Rb protein decreased and the telomere length of 2BS shortened, EF might delay the aging of cells through inhibiting the p16 gene expression, promoting the production of phosphorated Rb protein and to protect the length of telomere, but not activating the telomerase.


  1.   Neurodegenerative Krankheiten

5.1.  Alzheimer

Neuroprotective effect of the active components of three Chinese herbs on brain iron load in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.

Thus, the present study indicated that the active components of Epimedium, Astragalus and Radix Puerariae may exert a neuroprotective effect against AD by reducing iron overload in the AD brain and may provide a novel approach for the development of drugs for the treatment of AD.

5.2.  Peripherer Nervenschaden

Epimedium extract promotes peripheral nerve regeneration in rats.

Our findings suggest that Epimedium extract effectively promotes peripheral nerve regeneration and improves the function of damaged nerves.

5.3.  Gedächtnisschwäche

Icariin isolated from Epimedium brevicornum Maxim attenuates learning and memory deficits induced by d-galactose in rats

These results clearly demonstrated that d-gal produced learning and memory deficits after chronic administration, and ICA can protect neuron from d-gal insults and improve the memory loss

  1.    Krebs

Baohuoside I suppresses invasion of cervical and breast cancer cells through the downregulation of CXCR4 chemokine receptor expression.

Overall, our results show that baohuoside I exerts its antimetastatic effect through the downregulation of CXCR4 expression and, thus, has the potential to play a role in the suppression of cancer metastasis.

6.1.  Ovarialkrebs

Icariin regulates the proliferation and apoptosis of human ovarian cancer cells through microRNA-21 by targeting PTEN, RECK and Bcl-2.

Our results demonstrated that icariin is an excellent candidate antitumor agent which exhibits an anticancer curative effect on ovarian cancer cells. miR-21 and its target genes may play a vital role in the molecular mechanism of the anticancer effects of icariin.

6.2.  Bronchialkrebs

Anticancer effect of icaritin on human lung cancer cells through inducing S phase cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

These findings suggested that icaritin might be a new potent inhibitor by inducing S phase arrest and apoptosis in human lung carcinoma A549 cells

  1.    Knochenregeneration

Accelerated healing by composites containing herb epimedium for osteoinductive regeneration.

Composites containing EP could be a promising material with multifunctions of osteoinduction, osteoconduction and medication for bone repair, and herb medicine EP could be used as an osteoinduction material for bone tissue engineering

  1.   Arthrose

The results indicated that E. grandiflorum and its extract icariin could attenuate OA condition, reduce the expression of uPA and uPAR and increase PAI in experimental rabbit model and this effect may be conducted by suppressing NF-kappaB activity by increasing IkappaBalpha level.

Icariin also reduced the clinical signs of arthritis. Icariin inhibited cathpesin K activity in vitro and was effective in a mouse model of CIA similar to human RA, suggesting that this agent may have promise in the treatment of patients with RA.

  1. brevicornum and E. sagittatum can improve the growth of cartilage and proliferation of cartilage cell in vitro, and other three Epimedium have not the same effect in this test.


  1.    Hyperlipidämie

Icariin attenuates the enhanced prothrombotic state in atherosclerotic rabbits independently of its lipid-lowering effects

In conclusion, icariin has lipid-lowering effects and may be used in the treatment and prevention of thrombosis in the atherosclerotic process.

  1.    Östrogenmangel

Icariin from Epimedium brevicornum Maxim promotes the biosynthesis of estrogen by aromatase (CYP19).

These results show that the promotion of estrogen biosynthesis is a novel effect of Epimedium brevicornum, and icariin could be utilized for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

  1.  Depressionen

Icariin attenuates social defeat-induced down-regulation of glucocorticoid receptor in mice

In the present study, our data also show that icariin administration significantly inhibits social defeat-induced increases of corticosterone and IL-6 levels.




Die 5-Elementeanalyse bildet die Energiedynamik von Epimedium wie folgt ab:


Blau bedeutet : TCM-Quellen
Grün bedeutet: TCM-Quellen und Studien
Schwarz bedeutet : Studien
Rot bedeutet: Studien Hauptwirkung

Zum Verständnis der Abkürzungen des Schaubildes siehe

Struktur – und Wandlungsmodell der chinesischen Medizin




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